I had been prowling Mistress Anna’s twitter page and website regularly and finally built up the courage to contact her. Initial contact was through email and all communications were brilliant and efficient. I found Mistress to be very accommodating, approachable and overall pleasant throughout our email conversations. We discussed likes/fetishes, any limits and we agreed on everything.

A time and date was set which was suitable for the both of us. The day could not come any quicker. Off I travelled to Mistress’ incall location. Lots of free parking available around the quiet residential area. No sense of any nosey neighbours and felt very discreet. Called Mistress and informed her I was parked, she told me to come around. I was met by Mistress’ receptionist and she showed me into the room to await Mistress Anna. 

As Mistress entered the room, the first impression was WOW. Her pictures on twitter and her website certainly do not do her justice. Mistress is stunning and gorgeous. Mistress makes you feel very comfortable and we discussed a little about our session. Discussion was over and Mistress told me to strip, kneel down in the middle of the room and await Her return.

Mistress returned and from the session was a bit of a blur and time passed so quickly. The session consisted of kneeling to Mistress and worshipping Her boots until she was satisfied. 
I was the instructed to bend over the bench as Mistress began her spanking of my ass, using her Superior Hands as well as other implements. Mistress knew and gauged that I did not enjoy severe pain, so Mistress kept it as sensual as possible with a little hint of “sting”. Mistress talked throughout the session as I asked for humiliation and degradation. Once Mistress was satisfied that I had taken her punishment well enough, she kindly tied me to her chair and blindfolded me. She told me that I dare not cum, and if I did I would be punished and my orgasm would be ruined.

Mistress used her vibe to torment my already very erect cock, getting me right to the edge and then denying me any pleasure. My nipples, balls and cock were all thoroughly teased for Mistress’ pleasure, yet not allowed any sort of pleasure myself. Kept on the edge as Mistress laughed at my squirming and torment. Mistress then used her rubber pussy (which felt absolutely amazing and I loved), to torment my cock further and keep on the edge and not allow me any release.

I was finally released from the shackles and told to kneel and worship Mistress stockinged feet, legs. I then had to thoroughly beg to be allowed to worship Mistress ass, and I was kindly granted. I kissed and caressed Mistress’ amazing ass, all whilst being told to stroke my cock, yet not allowed to cum. I was then told to lie on the floor, as Mistress smothered and used my slave face as Her seat, as I was being sat on by the most beautiful and Superior Mistress. The thought of that was just overwhelming.
Mistress, then pulled her chair closer to me as I was lying on the floor and used my body and face as her foot-rest. Watching Mistress cross her legs, whilst resting her feet on my chest was too much to handle and I begged Mistress for permission. I was finally allowed release. Mistress allowed me to thank her in the proper manner, by kneeling and worshipping her feet for a few moments.
I was then dressed, and we discussed the session for a few moments, and I found it a real honour to hear Mistress say that I had done well throughout the session and that she had enjoyed the hour. Mistress certainly did not enjoy the session as much as I did. I was in ecstasy.

Overall the session was fantastic, and I cannot wait to book in with Mistress again.

Thank You Mistress Anna.