As a natural submissive my need to be owned and controlled by a powerful Dominatrix felt innate and fated. Nevertheless, I had felt nervous about exploring my submissive side. For years, I’d suppressed it; but finding Miss Anna Elite’s profile on the Mistress’ Directory Website compelled me to abandon my usual reticence and loosen my inhibitions. I’d visited Dommes on a couple of occasions before, but I knew that now was the time to submit long-term to one Domme. After carefully researching Miss Anna’s website, I was convinced that I wanted to serve Her, and only Her.

I was naturally taken in by the, commanding, yet gentle tone of Her website. Her interests were relatable, her site accurately reflected Her eloquence and professionalism and Her blog reflects a Dominatrix who performs Her craft for a genuine passion for domination (‘5 reasons I love pegging’ had my heart racing!). Her unobtainable beauty gives Her the true look of a Goddess! I knew I had to serve Her immediately.

I contacted Miss Anna by email, putting in plenty of effort to make my first impression a good one, knowing that such a beautiful and powerful Goddess can afford to be very choosy about who serves Her. Our email exchange left me already feeling controlled before we had even met. She was firm, yet polite and understanding about my interests. Even though Miss Anna did not specifically ask for it, I placed myself in mental chastity after first making contact. I wanted to show my commitment and obedience and after all, the truest form of subservience is through self-regulation.

The day of servitude finally arrived and I felt desperate to prove my worth as Her slave. Her premises is safe and discreet, tucked away in a leafy and peaceful Shropshire housing estate. I took a 15-minute taxi from Telford station and arrived at Her premises about 10 minutes before the agreed time. I knocked at the door and became aware of my heart pounding in anticipation. I could hear footsteps from within and my spine tingled as the moment got closer. Mistress opened the front door and I was immediately transfixed by Her beauty. Just as in Her photos, she looked absolutely stunning! Her bright, green eyes; Her perfect blonde hair and Her alluring red lipstick overwhelmed me. There is something erotically humbling about submitting to such a petite, beautiful Mistress.

“Come in! Leave your bags here in the hallway. Climb up the stairs and turn right.” Her demeanour was calm, yet authoritative.
“Yes, Mistress”. I was already under her spell.
Our session was preceded by an unhurried chat which gave me time to reflect on some of the interests I had discussed in our email exchange which made me feel completely at ease and built up my anticipation for the session. She had also very kindly accommodated an attire request I had made.

From the moment I had arrived, I was desperate to impress Mistress. Her dominance was never rehearsed or contrived; it was completely natural. During the session, it was repeatedly clear that She knows how to heighten the sensations of BDSM play to mind-blowing levels. Just the right caress at a perfectly timed moment would leave me feeling weak at the knees.

One of Miss Anna’s passions is pegging which I was eager to try. I was nervous as an anal virgin but Mistress had me desperate to push beyond my limits and excited to take Her strap on. I was tied down to the fucking bench with my arsehole exposed for Mistress’ use. A head harness ball gag was tightly fastened rendering me a drooling and undignified mess. Once I was secure, She walked slowly round to the front of the bench, building up anticipation with each passing moment. She rested Her fingers beneath my chin and tilted my head up so we made eye contact.

“This is your first time,” Mistress smiled sadistically. “You’ll never forget this.”

The anticipation was too much for me. My suppressed cock throbbed uncontrollably against the chastity cage in excitement. I tossed my head back impulsively in a moment of exultant bliss. Mistress is an expert at accentuating the psychological senses of BDSM-play as well as the physical ones.

She slid her strap on gently inside me. A mirror had been cruelly positioned in front of me so I was forced to watch as my Mistress; my Captor; my Goddess fucked me with Her strap on and irreversibly robbed me of my ego, my masculinity, my dignity. There is no greater descent into
submission than being fucked by Mistress’ strap on whilst my own manhood is locked up in chastity. And it felt so liberating. It felt so fated. It felt so blissful.

Once the session had drawn to a close, Mistress was very magnanimous in taking the time to provide extensive aftercare. As a Dominatrix, She is undeniably domineering but She is also very kind, charismatic and very easy to talk to. Her benevolence is just as alluring as her dominance.

As I write this, I have barely stopped reflecting on a mind-blowing and amazing experience that has left me feeling on the crest of a wave since. I simply can’t wait to submit to Her again!