I have had the privilege of submitting to Miss Anna three times, and each time I have found my experience at Her hands to be a wonderful one. In session Miss Anna combines a beautifully sadistic and cruel side with a gentle, seductive voice that could easily convince you to submit to pretty much any degradation or treatment willingly and with a smile on your face.

During our last session Miss Anna subjected me to an array of wonderful, painful and occasionally pleasurable torments over our two hours together.  Upon the start of our session Miss Anna instructed me to worship Her wonderful knee-length boots, and asked me how I would like to submit during this session. 

It was a great thrill to grovel at Miss Anna’s feet confessing to all of the things that I craved to have done to me, all the while looking up to see a menacing smile on Her face..  The rest of the session is a blur, involving sustained CBT, nipple torture, and Her vacbed, which was an amazing near spiritual bondage experience! The crescendo of the session involved me being secured tightly to the whipping bench with a large, cold anal hook installed deep inside me whilst Miss Anna teased and tormented me; I have genuinely never felt more vulnerable or aroused, and the conclusion proved to be inevitable!

Post session aftercare was, as usual, fantastic.

Miss Anna appeared to enjoy our session (which is a kick in itself!) and we had a great chat that went some way to exploring my numerous kinks and fetishes, which included tantalising suggestions for our next session.

In short, I cannot recommend Miss Anna enough. I feel I have found my little corner of BDSM heaven, and look forward to many, many more wonderful experiences at Miss Anna’s hands.