I have been granted permission to post a review of Miss Anna Elite of Telford, with whom I have enjoyed two wonderful sessions in the last month.

I first became aware of Miss Anna through the usual Mistress directories, her website and Twitter profile. Miss Anna is a beautiful young Mistress whose list of activities/interests is quite comprehensive and ticked a lot of my boxes. Her premises are spotlessly clean, very discreet and safe, everything else can be seen on her website.

I know it is a cliched BDSM saying that ‘her photographs don’t do her justice’ but in this case, believe me they do. The photographs on her website portray a very beautiful, educated, stylish and enchanting young Mistress, and what you see is exactly what you get. But there is so much more to this Mistress than her beauty.

Initial communication was excellent and Miss Anna was well spoken, clearly intelligent, a firm tone of voice, but still friendly. Miss Anna took time to make sure she had sufficient detail to understand my preferences, previous experience and limits. She made it clear that this was important to her and allowed her to make sure our session would be an experience to remember (and oh boy, it was certainly that).

The main activities were going to be based around CP including the cane, strap on training and humiliation, including toilet training. I have lots of experience of the three former activities and a little of the last one but I was left in no doubt my limits would be challenged on all of them.

Our first session was excellent, my limits were pushed (as agreed beforehand) but I felt safe at all times and knew that I could trust Miss Anna totally. I also knew instinctively that Miss Anna was capable of taking me much further. Post session we discussed my feelings and I knew straight away that I wanted to visit Miss Anna again but next time wanted to give her my total submission.

A follow up session was arranged along the same lines, but with the understanding that Miss Anna would this time push me much further and my session would be more challenging. On arrival, I was told there was no going back on what had been discussed, I was to be severely punished, humiliated and degraded.

Miss Anna then told me what she had planned and what she expected of me. The skill and purpose with which she articulated this left me in no doubt, as she checked and double checked that I understood, asking me to confirm my understanding in a firm, imposing tone of voice that had me feeling desperate not to disobey or disappoint her, nor let her down. 

She then showed me a selection of new canes that she had acquired since my first session, including a new dragon cane that I was to receive.

We had already agreed there would be no safe words as my limits were to be pushed so as I was strapped down on her bench for a caning I knew I was about to suffer. A warm up followed with various implements before Miss Anna reached for her canes, telling me this was about to hurt – as though I needed any reminding. I lost track of how many strokes of the cane I was given but they left me with numerous welts and marks and only stopped when Miss Anna commented that there were signs of blood.

My caning was followed by strap-on training with Miss Anna simply telling me to prepare to be stretched much more than on my first visit, smiling wickedly as she showed me the size of what she was strapping in to her harness. Her energy as she kept thrusting in to me, our bodies coming together as she did so, leaving me gasping for breath, feeling used, abused and humiliated.

This was nothing to how I was going to feel next. I was again reminded that I was to be used by Miss Anna as her toilet and found myself agreeing to not disappoint her as she outlined what she expected of me

As Miss Anna positioned her toilet box and instructed me to place myself in it she told she was about to humiliate and completely degrade me. There was no safe word, I knew I was about to give Miss Anna my total submission albeit it I was nervous, unsure and anxious as I waited.

I was taken to my limit and beyond as her toilet, feeling totally humiliated and degraded as Miss Anna looked down on me, broken but proud of myself for pleasing her. As a reward Miss Anna allowed me to pleasure myself whilst she watched but even now my humiliation was not complete as she instructed me to clean up my mess.

Over 30 years I have submitted to a lot of Mistresses with mixed results, some wonderful experiences with some wonderful Mistresses. There is no number one as they are all different and my likes have evolved over the years, but Miss Anna is right up there with the best of them. Her skills as a Mistress and dominant personality are remarkable for one so young but ability clearly outweighs age or any perceived lack of experience. Outside of session time she is a really lovely, caring and genuine young lady who I can’t wait to submit to again and would highly recommend.