My session with Miss Anna was both unforgettable and amazing. I am new to BDSM and until meeting with Miss Anna, I had no previous experience. 

During my research to find a dominant, I happened to stumble upon Miss Anna’s Website; and needless to say, I was immediately impressed by how clear, articulate and accessible her website is, and by how well she expresses and presents herself – I was hooked. 

During our email exchanges, as well as when we met in person, Miss Anna was always kind, empathic, supportive, understanding and caring towards my needs and any questions or even anxieties that I might have. 

Miss Anna is a very genuine, caring and authentic person, and I feel 100% natural talking with her about many topics. 

I highly praise Miss Anna for her kindness and substance of character, as well as for her amazing dominance.
Miss Anna has a broad range of dynamic skill within her dominance; ranging from intense and firm to soft and sensual, whilst possessing great precision, balance and intuition in her abilities, all the while taking absolute control. An irresistible blend of authority, seduction, and assurance in her voice makes you feel 100% assured, yearning to please, serve, adore and worship her as the superior goddess that she is. 
After the session, I felt mesmerised, fulfilled, and liberated.

I hope very much to visit Miss Anna again if I should be so lucky. I 100% recommend visiting her; for Miss Anna is a brilliant and highly-skilled domme as well as an authentic, genuine and lovely person.

Miss Anna, I thank you wholeheartedly for the pleasure of meeting you, for the Session, and for introducing me to my submissive side.