I first became aware of Miss Anna from her twitter feed and quickly followed it to her beautifully designed website. I had been looking for a beautiful Mistress to push my boundaries a little bit and to explore some new directions in my kinky life. Miss Anna seemed to be a perfect match, beautiful, professional and with a “likes” list that really meshed with mine. I had been wanting a gentle introduction into hardsports and Miss Anna looked like the perfect teacher.

On the day, I was welcomed into Miss Anna’s play room and made comfortable before Miss Anna appeared and we had an introduction and run though of activities for the next 2 hrs. I must admit I was rather nervous meeting a new Mistress and with the prospect of what I had suggested, but Miss Anna soon relaxed me. The 2 hrs flew by, Miss Anna is the best Mistress I have seen for CP, she has fabulous control of her implements and takes great care of their application.

The final part of the session involved hard sports, and it was wonderful. I could not have wished for a better introduction to it, and her thoughtfulness and aftercare was second to none.  I will definitely be making the 6hr round trip to see Miss Anna again if she permits it.