I am writing this as a 50 year old very experienced male submissive who has sessioned with countless Mistresses over the years and have experienced all the high and lows associated-mostly good I would say!

I first met the divine Miss Anna some 3 and a half years ago when I believe she was just branching out as a professional Dominatrix……the first session I will never forget firstly for how stunningly beautiful she is and secondly her attention to detail in considering my requests and indeed applying the ones she liked to the session…..fabulous!

Now this evening after all that time and many further sessions have gone by I find myself compelled to write my testimonial to such a fabulous lady after yet another peak in my sub/dom relationship with her during today’s session.

I am not going to go into explicit detail of the session I’ve had with Miss Anna today suffice to say that she is even more stunningly beautiful than the first day I met her and that during our sessions over the years we have built up a trust to the level that I am now perfectly relaxed handing over my whole life to her during our sessions-total power exchange-it is a very rare thing to actually achieve that in the scene and something to be cherished. I cannot adequately explain the buzz I get from giving myself totally to such a wonderful beautiful Mistress.

Snippets of today’s session include being hogtied worshipping at Miss Anna’s feet one end whilst being mercilessly edged-you need to ask how that happens and then worshipping at her feet then gazing up at her beauty and watching her divine spit run down her leg to her foot where I was allowed to lick it up….special. I am spellbound.

Miss Anna is quite simply the best Mistress I have had the privilege to meet and serve over all the years…..she will consider all your femdom interests and adapt them to sessions accordingly (provided they suit her naturally) 
she is fabulous-make contact with her….if she grants you a session you will be addicted for life……in a magnificent way!

I am on countdown to my next session from the moment I leave her door……

Your devoted Slave

Slave Greg (slavetodommes1)