Miss Anna is a dream. I have experience but had never visited a Professional Lady before.

It has been a revelation, Miss Anna immediately put me at ease following my first nervous request for a meeting.

Before we met, Miss Anna took time to discuss my thoughts and what the session may involve.

Miss Anna is very approachable, thoughtful, intelligent. I found it very easy talking to Her.

So I found myself at the door…..on entering my heart skipped a beat. Miss Anna beckoned me in. I could not take my eyes from Her initially, I had mentioned I liked PVC but oh my……

Miss Anna had clearly picked up on every little thing I had said. My dream outfit…thigh high boots, PVC mini-skirt, all wrapped around Her gorgeous body. Her beauty…Her presence…Her scent….

My eyes were drawn around the room to an amazing assortment of equipment, and here I am, with the absolutely stunning Miss Anna.

Miss Anna took some time to make sure I was comfortable and ready, and showed me an assortment of the implements I was to have used on me.

She was so inclusive of me, clearly very knowledgeable, confident and immediately trustworthy. Oh…and so very sexy…..

Miss Anna began. I was treated with the severity one would expect, at the same time feeling very comfortable that Miss Anna is an expert with Her instruments, that was obvious from the very start.

Miss Anna was strict yet sensual, Her demeanour and charisma adding to an already magical experience, one which I had put off for too long.

She painted my backside a luscious red, and we had only just started……
Miss Anna took me and strapped me to a chair….

Her eyes, that wicked smile….my nipples now taking all thoughts of a sore bottom away as She twisted and flicked them, cropped them and clipped them.

She kept close, Her fabulous body rubbing against mine and She looked me deep in the eyes, twisting and tormenting my aching nipples. This moment will stay with me forever I think. It was so very personal, painful, Her outstanding beauty with that sadistic smile, the combination of feelings was quite unlike anything I have experienced before.

Miss Anna was an expert, heightening my anticipation by explaining each of the implements she was about to use and why.

She then used them very accurately and efficiently, as my marks would attest to for some days afterwards.
Miss Anna tailored the session perfectly, and even found time to fit in an experience I had mentioned but was not expecting.

On concluding the session, Miss Anna took time to make me comfortable, talk to me about the session, how I felt, and extended an invitation to contact Her again if I “dropped” a little or needed to talk.
I virtually floated home, physically the session had far exceeded my expectations.

Personally, it took me to places I never knew existed.

Miss Anna made that happen.

Miss Anna is everything and more than I had ever wished for, from Her personal inclusion, to the time and effort She must have spent to give me a truly unforgettable day. From Her expertise in administering my various punishments, to the understanding and clear love She has regarding so many aspects of Domination.

Miss Anna is a truly beautiful force of nature, and made my dream come true that day, and much, much more.
Truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Thank You so much Miss Anna.
I would urge anyone thinking of visiting a Professional Lady to ask Miss Anna politely.

You will thank yourself.
Believe me.