As it closes, you feel the knot in your stomach tighten.

Cold, hard steel against soft, pink flesh.

A fleeting panic runs the length of your spine.

“I can’t…”, the murmur barely escaping your lips.

A silence. No words of encouragement.

A glare. Crystal blue eyes pierce your soul.

A sly smile in the corner of rouged lips.

The walls begin to close in, eyesight blurring.

Metal sliding through metal, sealing your fate.

That sound; deafening and final.

There is no more choice; you’re free,

Though freedom is so far from you now.

A quick flash of silver brings focus and interest.

Heart pounding you follow, head lifting to see.

Delicate chain links are weighted down,

Key gently swaying taunting you from above.

It lands in it’s resting place, so close to my skin.

Chaste and pathetic, the misery can now begin.

For those of you in chastity for Locktober, I do hope your cage is uncomfortably tight…